ann culy

Ann Culy was born in Lower Hutt in 1952, and now lives in Dunedin. She has a diploma in Fine Arts from Ilam, graduated Teachers College Auckland, 1975 and completed a certificate in Craft Design (Jewellery) 1990. Since then she has worked full time as a jeweller, exhibiting nationally and in 1995 established her own business, Lure Jewellery Workshop – a shared workspace, gallery and retail outlet.

“In this private world the challenge is not to give all the solutions equal weight – the parts – front and back, skin, structure, shape, idea; all have their own say. I like to keep some options open, room for another persons’ interpretation – jewellery that looks as if it belongs to the owner and has a life all of its own. I find it incredibly satisfying to bring a small object into the world that looks as if it already belonged and I got to be the one to recognise it first.”